Wednesday, 14 March 2012

the dangers of goth

chat show in which marylin manson aides a conversation about the dangers of moshing and stage diving. 

Phil (host): And we shouldn't be off put by your look as you want us to I suppose, the black lipstick...

Lady goth: No

Phil: You know its not what your father dreamt for you at this age..

Lady goth: Yeah but my parents don't mind they're very liberal on it. They're not like erm...

Phil: And you are drug free?

Lady goth: Yes I am

Phil: And you're not stealing anyones hubcaps..

Lady goth: No

Phil: ...or anything else. You're not promiscuous...

I'm not sure what Phil here is implying - goths are thieving slutty junkies, or that if a Dad doesn't want to fuck his daughter there is something wrong.

Either way, I'm not happy about it.


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